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Welcome, I am Natasha Sakota, and I’ll free you from sexual problems!

Hypnosis for sexual problems

Sexual freedom is…

“The ability to choose to have a consensual, safe, and satisfying sexual life, in the absence of sexual dysfunctions, guilt, and shame.”

Unlock your sexual potential and rediscover intimate joy with a unique blend of Hypnosis and Coaching. I’m Natasha Sakota, your expert in sexual freedom, ready to guide you on a journey of discovery and transformation. Free yourself from the constraints of sexual dysfunction, guilt, and shame. Embark on a personalized path to a fulfilling and liberated sexual existence with my dedicated support every step of the way.

Hypnosis for sexual problems

Meet Your Guide to Sexual Liberation

As a certified Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapist (RTT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Trainer, Relationship Counselor, member of the Swiss Hypnotherapy Association (SBVH), and a Sexual Educator, I am deeply committed to demystifying the complexities of human sexuality. My philosophy is rooted in the belief that sexual freedom is unique to everyone. It’s about the ability to choose a satisfying sexual life, whatever that means for each individual, free from dysfunction, guilt, and shame. I view the mind as our most potent sexual organ — the source of our greatest sexual experiences but also, if neglected, the primary cause of sexual dysfunction. My approach is holistic, considering the whole person, and tailored uniquely to you.

Embrace the Solutions to Your Sexual Wellness Journey

Every individual’s sexual challenges are as unique as their fingerprint. With my guidance, we’ll navigate through a variety of concerns to unearth the root of issues and unlock the path to wellness. Here’s a snapshot of what we can tackle together:

  • Anorgasmia: Learn to invite orgasmic joy into your body and life.
  • Libido Loss: Whether you feel the spark is missing or you’re unsure if it was ever there, we’ll embark on an explorative journey to rediscover or discover your desire.
  • Erectile Dysfunction: Overcome performance challenges and regain control.
  • Premature Ejaculation: Gain mastery over your timing and experience the fullness of intimate moments.
  • Porn Addiction: Break free from habits that hinder your sexual function and relationships.
  • Sexual Confidence: Boost your self-assuredness in the bedroom for a more fulfilling sex life.

Whether you’re dealing with deep-seated fears, body image issues, performance anxiety, or you simply want to enhance your sexual experiences, my tailored hypnosis program is designed to address and overcome these barriers.

Hypnosis for sexual problems

A Tailored Journey to Sexual Empowerment

My Hypnosis for Sexual Freedom Program is the first of its kind offered in both Italian and English, crafted meticulously to embrace the totality of an individual. Here’s how we’ll embark on this transformative journey:

  1. Initial Consultation: Every therapeutic path begins with a comprehensive and sincere conversation, enabling me to understand the nuances of the challenges you face and craft a personalized treatment plan.

  2. Educational Component: Unveiling rarely shared knowledge from the true anatomy of pleasure centers to the psychological impact of societal norms, we’ll debunk myths and empower you with facts.

  3. Emotional Release: Together, we will delve into past beliefs, experiences, and any trauma, creating space for release and healing.

  4. Reconnecting: Learn to reconnect with your body’s sensations, overcome any physical barriers to pleasure, and rediscover the joy of intimacy.

  5. Communication Mastery: Effective communication is key in and out of the bedroom. I’ll help you express your needs confidently and navigate consensual desires with your partner.

  6. Pleasure Permission: The final step is all about embracing the joy of sex, allowing yourself the freedom to experience pleasure fully and profoundly.

Change can occur in as few as 3 sessions, with the journey tailored distinctly to you, just as your sexual blueprint is uniquely your own. Together, we’ll ensure your path to sexual empowerment is as individual as you are.

Hypnosis for sexual problems

Success Stories from the Path of Sexual Liberation

Real people, profound transformations. Here’s what my clients have to say about their journey to sexual empowerment with my coaching and hypnosis program:

  • ‘Natasha’s approach was life-changing. I’ve rediscovered sexual pleasure free from guilt and shame.’ – A.G.
  • ‘After years of struggling with intimacy, Natasha’s program helped me overcome my fears and embrace a joyful sex life.’ – M.T.
  • ‘I never thought I could feel this confident in the bedroom. Natasha’s guidance was instrumental.’ – R.S.

These voices are just a few among many who have found greater fulfillment and joy through our work together. They’ve unlocked their potential for pleasure and connection, and so can you.

Hypnosis for sexual problems

Invest in Your Sexual Well-being

Embark on your journey to sexual freedom with a clear and straightforward investment in your well-being. My services are designed to offer you flexibility and cater to your unique needs:

  • Initial 30-minute Consultation: Complimentary
  • Single Session of Hypnosis for Sexual Freedom: €250
  • Package of 3 Sessions: €575 (Save €175)
  • Package of 6 Sessions: €1100 (Save €400)
  • Package of 10 Sessions: €1800 (Best Value)

For those seeking support with fertility challenges:

  • Single Session of Fertility Hypnosis: €200
  • IVF Cycle Package: €1100, includes six sessions, audio downloads, and unlimited phone support.

Start your transformation today. Book your free consultation to discuss your path towards a liberated and joyous sexual life.

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I will explain the whole process in the discovery call before our first session. You will be able to decide if this is the road to take. Depending on the issue, I have various options that will lead us into our first session.  The best investment you can make is investing in yourself.

Hypnosis for sexual problems