Coaching/ Counseling

  • 60 minutes Individual session: 100 euro
  • 90 minutes Individual session: 120 Euro                           

Package of 5:  1 hour sessions: 450 Euro

10% Discount for students


RTT sessions

  • 2 hour first session + personal recording: 250 Euro
  • Follow-up sessions: 100 Euro per session

10% Discount for students


Packages for one on one’s

  • Enhanced Awareness of Self. Confidence & Self-Esteem building – 8 sessions: 770,00€
  • Personal Growth that leads to Professional Development. Discovering Personal and Professional Passion & Purpose – 10 sessions: 980,00€
  • Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication for achieving outcomes. Voice & Body work – 10 Sessions: 980,00€
  • Influential Leadership skills – 10 Sessions: 980,00€
  • Building a High-Performance Team Culture – 10 sessions: 980,00€
  • Building a High Performing Attitude as a Leader in your personal and professional lives – 10 sessions: 980,00€
  • Understanding Subconscious Thinking and Eliminating Unconscious Bias – 10 Sessions: 980,00€
  • Strengthening Management Skills and working in Teams – 10 Sessions: 980,00€


Packages for groups

I offer tailor-made workshops for groups/teams as remote interactive conferences, customized according to your requirements and adapted to the target audience.

During the workshops, we focus on the acquisition of specific skills according to the requirements. In this case, the group, as it persists over time, becomes a space for co-construction and mutual support. Thus, the individual benefits from the strength of the group and the input from each individual to make progress. The concepts are discussed, practiced through exercises and role-playing games, along with feedback and shared experiences, this all contributes to the development of both skills and attitudes.

Possible topics (you can request customization of any topic):

  • Learning to manage stress and conflicts
  • Understanding and decoding emotions, one’s needs, and the needs of others
  • Empowering the voice and Learning Communication
  • Learning Non-verbal Communication and Rapport

Rates for groups

  • For half a day: 320,00€
  • For full day from 9-17 with an hour lunch break: 590,00€

Please contact me if you are interested.