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Life and Sport Coaching 

How It Can Help

It helps athletes or anyone involved in competitive events, even young atheletes, to improve their mental readiness, their focus, their energy and their emotional control, their ability to remain centered and  manage their stress levels while also teaching them to use mental imagery to enhance their performance.

The mind, body and emotions/feelings are all inevitably  interconnected and part of any performance.

Probelms such as: “I play better in practice than during a game.” “When I try hard to do the right technique I mess up.” “I keep thinking of my past mistake and the nerves just get me and I miss the next shot.” “It’s not that I don’t know what to do, it’s that I don’t do what I know!” This last statement is the most common complaint from a sportsman.

You may know the technical side of your sport but if you are not mentally ready, and if you are not in tune with your feelings the ability to go that one step further is compromised.

To be a winner you need to set your goals, know how to be aware of what emotions are coming up, like frustration or anger, and be able to tap into your inner resources to overcome these difficult moments. Timothey Gallwey puts it very succinctly Performance = Potential – Interference.

Using various technique and tools in my framework, I guide and facilitate people to discover their extraordinary potential by learning to eliminate their inner interferences and achieve their goals! I use Guided Visualizations, Hypnosis and Manifesting to obtain solid and lasting results.

Sport Coaching helps an athlete or an entire team when: 

  • they want to achieve a goal and have to set up the course of action 
  • they want to build their self-confidence
  • they are frigthened of success
  • they are scared to make mistakes 
  • they fear external pressure & judgement
  • they loose focus 
  • they are taking too much time to recover from injury
  • if they loose they struggle to get back their confidence
  • the coach does not bring the best out of his team
  • bad relationships between team members
  • the team is not aligned
  • they find it hard to deal with stress and fatigue
  • there emotions get in the way

I use Hypnosis & Manifesting in the context of coaching my clients to achieve their dreams.

Mental Coaching is also used successfully to prepare for performances such as Public Speaking, Masters of Ceremonies, Presentations, Reading Aloud, Acting…and also helps in improving School /Univeristy results.

This picture shows Filip, and the benefits he obtained from our coaching. And below his father’s feedback:

“These are the only tournaments that are being played –  as they are for professionals but Filip, is only 15 and did so well, check it out. Thanks for helping him . He is the youngest in his field!”

Filip, the 15 year old amateur golfer also wrote: “Thanks Natasha! Grazie, the talks have helped a lot!”

"I guide and facilitate people to discover their extraordinary potential by learning to eliminate their inner interferences and achieve their goals!"

NLP Coaching

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a powerful coaching methodology that can help you achieve your goals by identifying and changing limiting beliefs, behaviors, and thought patterns that are holding you back. Developed by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the 1970s, NLP is a set of techniques and strategies that can improve communication, personal development, and relationships. It is a discipline that creates objective models to deal with our subjective realities 

When working with an NLP coach, they will work closely with you to understand your unique needs and goals and to develop customized strategies that are tailored to your specific circumstances. Through various techniques such as language patterns, reframing, visualization, and other NLP methods, your coach will help you gain awareness of your thought processes and develop new, empowering beliefs that support your goals.

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One of the key benefits of NLP is that it can help you create positive change in your life. By helping you overcome your limiting beliefs and behaviors, NLP can help you achieve your goals and improve your overall well-being. By becoming more self-aware, you can identify areas of your life that need improvement and develop strategies to overcome them.

Overall, Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a powerful and transformative coaching methodology that provides you with the tools and strategies you need to create positive change in your life. With its focus on the connections between thoughts, language, and behaviors, NLP can help you take control of your life and achieve your goals. Whether you are looking to improve your career, relationships, or overall well-being, NLP can help you get there! 

Jane had always struggled with public speaking. Whenever she was in front of a crowd, she would freeze up and her mind would go blank. Despite her best efforts, she could never seem to overcome this fear.

When she she came to me, we began by discussing her past experiences with public speaking and the thoughts and feeling that were associated with those experiences. I helped her to recognize the negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs that were holding her back.

Using various NLP techniques, such as visualization and reframing, I helped her to develop new, empowering beliefs that supported her goal of becoming a confident public speaker. She also learned how to use language patterns to communicate more effectively and connect with her audience.

Over time, Jane began to notice significant improvements in her public speaking abilities. She was able to speak in front of larger crowds without freezing up or forgetting her words. Her confidence grew, and she even began to enjoy public speaking.

Natasha Sakota Personal Coach Lugano
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I will explain the whole process in the discovery call before our first session. You will be able to decide if this is the road to take. Depending on the issue, I have various options that will lead us into our first session.  The best investment you can make is investing in yourself.