Finding time to be a Leader

Finding time to be a Leader

Finding time to be a Leader

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  • Finding time to be a Leader 

Hey there, leaders-in-the-making! The summer holidays are over, and the fourth business quarter is here. Are you ready to step up and shine as a true leader? If someone asked you to define leadership, would you confidently share your insights?

Leadership is…

Leadership, means different things to different people. But let’s simplify it. At its core, leadership is the compass guiding a team towards a promising future. Think of yourself as the conductor orchestrating a symphony of talents – your role shapes the journey ahead.

The Essence of Leadership

Visualize stepping into “leadership mode.” This entails sketching the visionary landscape for your company, setting objectives, and crafting strategies. You’re the architect of innovation, shaping your company’s uniqueness and customer allure. However, that’s not the entirety. Your focus also extends to fine-tuning the company’s gears and fostering inspiration among your team. In essence, leadership translates to connecting, communicating, and kindling motivation.

Leadership vs Management

Now, let’s dive into management. It’s akin to being the choreographer of a ballet – ensuring each step aligns harmoniously. While leadership paints the big picture, management navigates the maze of everyday affairs, overseeing administrative tasks, allocating resources, financial planning, cost containment, risk mitigation, and meticulous adherence to deadlines. In this arena, numbers, data, and factual precision reign supreme!

Escaping the Quagmire of Over-Management

Pause for a moment! Have you observed dedicated managers caught in the management whirlwind? So, what’s managing then? Managing is about handling processes – it’s the day-to-day stuff. It’s not about looking to the future or working with people. There’s no time for that. Managing is all about running the business, dealing with budgets, resources, and deadlines, and making sure everything stays on track. It’s a lot of numbers and facts, but not much else. Don’t get me wrong, though. You need to do both – lead and manage. But, as a leader, your main job is to keep an eye on the big picture. You need to steer the direction of your business and take care of your team.

Leadership-Management Duality

The crux is this: Numerous managers lean towards management, inadvertently side lining leadership. Urgent tasks take precedence, while the grander vision takes a backseat. Yet, leadership and management are entwined. Striking the right equilibrium is essential – a synergy of both domains.

Urgency vs. Significance: The Leadership Conundrum

Ever found yourself besieged by the urgency of tasks? We’ve all been there. The twist? Leadership tasks, while vital, often lack the urgency tag. Crafting strategies, incubating innovation, and inspiring the team – these tasks lack immediate time pressure. Conversely, management tasks, with their external deadlines, tend to scream “urgent.”

Finding time to be a Leader – The Solution?

Golden Nugget number one: Reclaim your leadership mantle! Commence by tracking your time expenditure. Most managers underestimate the time allocated to management tasks. By logging your activities over a span, you’ll gain a reality check and identify avenues for improvement.

Golden nugget number two: Set a goal. Ascertain the amount of time you aim to dedicate to management tasks over the upcoming months. The goal should invigorate and motivate  you and  yet allow you to remain pragmatic. Celebrate and reward yourself and your team for each milestone reached – it’s a testament to your determination.

Golden nugget number three: Elevate the Important to Urgent

Leadership tasks deserve a promotion – from “important” to “urgent.” How? By assigning specific deadlines. Elevate this practice by making commitments to others. Imagine presenting your strategic blueprint to your team by the end of the month – a compelling, urgent leadership task!

Embarking on Your Leadership Odyssey

Voilà! Leadership steers the ship, while management keeps it buoyant. Your journey involves evolving into a captain who not only navigates but also inspires the crew.

Take to heart these sage words by Simon Sinek: “Leadership is not about being in charge. It is about taking care of those in your charge.”

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