Hypnosis, Myth and Fact

Hypnosis, Myth and Fact

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Did you know that hypnosis is a state of calmness yet high focus? Hypnosis is not about being asleep, it is a sleep of the nervous system necessary to block out all peripheral stimuli so that the focus goes inward.


By bringing together a state of calmness yet high alertness we accelerate Neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to reorganize pathways and create new connections. Hypnosis stimulates Neuroplasticity thereby helping us move away from behaviours that we may not be happy with (such as procrastination or smoking) and helps us overcome emotions of fear, stress, anxiety, frustration, sadness and that is why hypnosis is so valuable. Hypnosis allows the brain to bypass the critical part of the mind.

The state of Calm

In Hypnosis, your mind gains hyperawareness in a state of calmness, you get in touch with your inner being, your subconscious and, the powerful secret is to feed it positive, empowering suggestions to achieve what you want.

Hypnosis is SAFE & effective!

Under hypnosis, you are fully under control, you are in a relaxed state of heightened focus, you can open your eyes whenever you want to. The hypnotist cannot make you do something you do not want to.

If we could then we hypnotists would be very rich as we could manipulate you to pay us high sums or give us expensive gifts, however we absolutely cannot do this.

The hypnotized state

You cannot remain in a hypnotized state forever, as soon as your guide stops guiding you, after a while you realize it and you just open your eyes.

Only very creative and highly suggestible people who like being other people/things/animals are attracted to stage hypnosis and they enjoy it, this is only about 1 out of 10 people. I do not do stage hypnosis.

The Spiegel Test

The Spiegel Eye Roll test is used to measure a persons’ Hypnotizability. The client is told to keep their head straight roll up their eyeballs and then close their eyelids and if you see a lot of white sclera between the lower eyelid and the lower edge of the cornea this is a good indicator of innate hypnotic capacity which means the subject is very suggestable and it is scored on a 0-4 scale, 4 being very hypnotizable. Developed by Dr. Herbert Spiegel

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